Aromatic solvent C 12 is a clear and slightly yellow liquid which is aromatic and is insoluble in water. It is part of the petroleum hydrocarbon family and has the chemical name of aromatic hydrocarbon 64742-94-5
aromatic c103
Description EMSOL 150 is a high boiling point (180-220°C) aromatic hydrocarbon solvent mainly used in paints and coatings, printing inks, and the agrochemical industry. It has a flash point and evaporation rate higher than that of Xylene and therefore imparts better flow and film formation making it useful in the paint and coatings industry. It also has no ethyl-benzene content and is therefore desired for environmentally friendly agrochemical and pesticide formulations.
EMSOL 150 is a resin blendstock for foundries and has downhole applications in oil fields. It is also ideal for use in process additive fluids such as chloro-rubber formulations, synthetic resins, and oil-modified alkyds.

EMSOL 200 is a useful industrial solvent which has high boiling point (approximately 230-280°C), slow evaporation rate and high flash point. It is also a relatively environmentally friendly product with low hazardous air pollution. The combination of these factors make EMSOL 200 desirable in many applications, such as high build coatings and printing inks; agrochemicals; oil field chemicals; fuel additives; and emulsifiers and surfactants.
It also has a role in water treatment chemicals, process oils, and as a foundry chemical. It is used in lubricants and corrosion inhibitors and in solvent-based dyes.


EMSOL Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvent

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