CAS No. 27247-96-7 :

An additive used to increase the cetane number of diesel fuel.

Diesel cetane number is the ignition performance of a reflection of the diesel engine combustion. cetane
number is too low, and it may extend the diesel fuel in the combustion chamber, it will be serious when
detonation, make the engine power decrease, abrasion, rising oil consumption, smoke, which is increasing
environmental protection.
Description    2-Ethyl-Hexyl Nitrate (2-EHN) is Cetane Improver, it work as a diesel fuel additive which
   improves Cetane number and offers the best performance in Diesel Engine.

   • Improve diesel fuel quality to meet specification requirements using increasing
     quantities of cracked components

   • Extend the diesel fuel in the combustion chamber

   • high purity, stable performance

    2-EN Spec 
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